Avoid fraud on your debit and credit card

Fraud has become a major problem, both for businesses and for credit card holders and debit cards. That is why, at Stick2Savings Bank we have a dedicated group of people who work 24 hours monitoring the transactions made with your credit and debit card to detect unusual patterns of use. On occasion, the Bank may contact you to confirm transactions.


People with intent to defraud obtain the necessary information to commit fraud in different ways, including

avoid fraud on credit cards

  • The theft of the card.
  • Some receipt or statement.
  • Electronic devices that copy the magnetic stripe of the card.


Use your debit card safely

Use your debit card safely

  • Memorize your secret number or PIN, as it is more reliable against fraud, because only you know it.
  • When choosing your PIN, do not use personal numbers such as social security, birth dates or logical sequences such as: 1234, 1111, 7777.
  • Do not write the PIN on the plastic of your debit card; Do not share this number with another person.
  • Do not let other people see when you are dialing your secret number.
  • If you identify that someone had access to your PIN, notify the Bank immediately and change your secret number.
  • Never lend your cards to others, or leave them as a security deposit.
  • Save or destroy properly any document that includes information about your cards, this includes purchase receipts and account statements.
  • If you receive an email requesting to confirm confidential information about your accounts, never offer information. These are not official mails.
  • If you are contacted by an institution that you do not recognize, never disclose confidential information, such as your social security number, PIN number, account number or expiration date. The Bank may contact you to validate transactions but will not request information such as the one mentioned above.
  • If you are going to disclose any information, do it only if you have originated the call and are sure that you are calling to a trusted place.