Credit options offered by lenders

Nowadays, the private loan offers great advantages as opposed to the loans provided by banks or savings banks.

This type of private loans have a series of options that make it much more desirable to opt for this alternative than resorting to a bank loan. Especially when the client is in a special situation that would not allow him to obtain the desired funding in the aforementioned entities.

The options of the loans offered by private lenders


Are very diverse and among them, we have to emphasize that our company provides a series of very interesting advantages. The main one is that the user has the option to guarantee their credit with any type of property and this will be the only requirement that we are going to ask for in order to give them the amount of money they want.

These loans can be guaranteed with all kinds of properties with the sole exception of jewelry, so that the customer can guarantee their money with a car, a flat, taxi licenses, etc. As long as this property reaches the necessary value so that we can lend the client the money he needs, it will be perfectly valid.

The maximum amount to which any of the users who request this service can claim is 20% of the value of the guarantee and in the case of the loan option for the car it can be up to 30% or 40%. In this last case or possibility, the client can obtain money in exchange for his own car and for this we appraise the vehicle, to then grant him the amount that we have mentioned previously.

Motorcycles, trucks, vans, etc. are fully valid

Motorcycles, trucks, vans, etc. are fully valid

One of the most important advantages that we have to mention about our loans is that they are granted in a very short space of time, which enables the client to obtain their money in less than 72 hours. This is possible thanks to the fact that our company always tries to take care of the maximum amount of procedures and in this way the procedures are accelerated.

We want to make the user see that we are a team of experts in real estate and financial issues and therefore we always carry out studies of the cases or operations that we set up, in this way, we have the possibility of knowing in more detail if the client can effectively Choose the amount you want; the studies are always free for the user.

Among many other options that have the credits offered by the lenders of our company, there is the possibility of paying the credit installments in a deferred way, always selecting the client the option that interests him the most.

These credits can be paid in comfortable monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual terms. We must point out that the real estate type guarantees must meet a very important condition to be valid as such, in principle, must be totally free of charges or mortgages and fulfilling this feature are valid flats, houses, premises, etc.

We will not accept lots or plots

We will not accept lots or plots

If the client needs to carry out the appraisal of this property, we can do it at a very low cost for him, since we always try to take care of the maximum number of aspects and this is one of the possibilities that we offer in our company. Agreements are always signed in the presence of a notary and this gives greater strength and reliability to the operations we perform.

These notarial signatures can be made throughout the Spanish territory, so that the client does not necessarily have to travel to do so. In short, these are the options of the credits offered by the private lenders of our company.