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Dionne Barbosa, born in Madrid in 1975.

Great fondness for the breeding and training of dogs, and especially in the participation of dog exhibitions.

Experience in breeding since 1998, with the breeds German shepherd, pointer, teckel.

Owner of a Czechoslovak wolfdog since 2008

Editor of the first article of the Czechoslovak wolfdog in Spain and collaborator of the magazine “El Mundo del Perro”. Elaborator of various articles for magazines and press on the plc.

Secretary in 2011 of the former Czechoslovak wolfdog club “Cepeloch”

Founder and president of the club “Friends of the Czech Wolf”.

Judge of the club and organized 4 monographs of the same.

Organization of a colloquium on breeding, reproduction and feeding of the Czechoslovak wolfdog.

Co-organizer of the first canicros and bikejoring of the breed.