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Our origin could be said to date back to 2003, when thanks to chance, we discovered the existence of this great friend online.

From that day our purpose was to study everything related to the race. An easy task because there were hardly any websites dedicated to it. Of course it goes without saying that in Spain there was no information, and everything we could collect was treated in other languages, so this great effort means for me.

Previously our main experience had been in the training and competition of the pointer breed, a breed for which we also feel a special admiration given its multiple qualities, also completed by other breeds that passed through our hands such as German shepherd, rottweiler, teckel, griffon, English setter, cocker and some more.

It took us a while to find what we were looking for. The basis had to be an extraordinary character especially with humans and in the day-to-day coexistence with a child. The pillars of that foundation were compliance with the standard of breed, provenance and genealogy and free of dysplasia.

Fortunately we found MartialRibouet, owner of the Blackwolfdog cíe kennel, who advised us at all times and helped the choice, development and discipline of the puppy.

Today we feel very satisfied with our choice because we managed to find the basis and pillars of what we were looking for.

For 4 years we were reaping many successes with our dog (see history of Doubayh) until in 2012 we decided to create our own bloodline from it. From there arose Amis de Lobos de Albadul, from the crossing of Doubayh with Aroa, and Txaigorri Andia, from the crossing between Doubayh and Desireé des Gardiens de la Cour, which to this day are still part of our hatchery.

In July 2017 we started an ambitious project in the creation of new facilities, adapted to the Czechoslovak wolfdog, where in addition to a spacious place for our dogs, we will have the added services of special canine residence for the plc and training and obedience.