Frequent questions


All our puppies are delivered at least two months when they are independent of the mother and can eat alone, they are raised in a family environment, since we take care of working with people who personally care for the puppies in few and very small litters, we are in against the overexploitation of females, since they are living beings and cannot be treated as objects either. All our puppies are sent under veterinary evaluation.

Vaccination and deworming

When the puppies are two months old they already have the first vaccine, they have been to the vet, and they have been dewormed internally and externally. The first vaccine given to them is the parvovirus-coronavirus vaccine, which combines live attenuated parvovirus and inactivated coronavirus so that good immunity is achieved. If you have already had a bad experience with parvovirus or coronavirus, we recommend that you disinfect the house and all the objects with which the dog has been in contact very well before having another puppy or animal.


One of the main advantages of acquiring one of our puppies is the extensive guarantee that we offer. We stand out for the confidence that we try to transmit to our clients, which is why we offer a viral, congenital and genetic guarantee. We emphasize that please follow the instructions on vaccines and deworming, regardless of advice from third parties.


Each puppy has its corresponding veterinary card where all the data of the puppy comes, its breed, sex, dates of the first vaccine, date of deworming, etc.


Each and every one of our puppies have the possibility of managing their initial pedigree if the client wishes. The diploma will be mailed to your home, eliminating the need to travel back to the store.

purchase contract

All our puppies are accompanied by their corresponding personal and non-transferable purchase/sale contract, which must be signed at the time of purchase. In case of shipment, it will be considered tacitly accepted at the moment in which the payment of the puppy is made, in any case we ask the clients to sign it and return it by mail to the address of the store. This exclusive contract is a legal document that guarantees both parties and that the client must accept after reading it carefully. This contract will specify the data of the store, the puppy in question, the data of the future owners and will detail the guarantee that we promise to give to the client. The person filling out the contract must be of legal age.