Obedience and discipline

Cpl. Nicholas Majerus (center), a dog trainer with - PICRYL Public Domain  ImageThere are two modalities:
– External Training (Personalized and in group)
– Internal Training.

*Note: Both trainings have the possibility to include: surveillance, guard and defense.

– External training (Customized in groups):

“Obedience, control and modification of behavior.”
We have obedience and control courses from 12 hours of duration for small and personalized groups with a frequency of three hours per week.
Two levels.

· First level:

  • Obedience, control and behavior modification.
    Duration: 30 days.
    – Orders in short with strap.
    Price: 450€

· Second level:

  • Obedience, control and behavior
    modification Duration: 60 days.
    – Orders in short with strap (1st level).
    – Remote commands (gestures and voice).
    Price: 750€.

– Internal training:

The dog remains throughout the period of education in our center and is delivered to its owners prior “passing orders”. The passing of orders is usually done between two and 7 days.

Duration: 75 days. It includes the two levels of obedience:
-Orders in short with leash (1st level).
-Remote commands (gestures and voice).
Price: 1150€.

*Note: Both courses include modification and correction of behavior about bad habits and acquired vices.