Why does my dog ​​bark continuously?

From Chihuahuas to Great Danes, any dog’s constant barking can drive owners crazy. If your dog barks constantly, surely you have had the sensation of living in an uncontrollable situation. It can be annoying to your neighbors and the people you and your dog associate with. But if your dog’s barking has become routine, there may be a bigger problem than disturbing others. It is known that the most common reasons why a dog does not stop barking are: anxiety, obsession and excitement. In this new article we are going to try to find out why he barks continuously.

What is your dog trying to tell you by barking?

Although your dog’s barking may seem like problem behavior, there is often an underlying message. Some reasons why dogs bark continuously are:

1. They are bored, lonely or suffer from separation anxiety : Dogs are pack animals, and if they are left alone too long or too often, they can bark. They will especially if they suffer from separation anxiety. These barks will occur when you are not around, just before you leave the house or just after you arrive.

2. They are very territorial, protective or easily frightened : Many dogs are, by nature, protective of their home and family. Some breeds more than others, like Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and Komondors. But most dogs have this instinct to some degree. These barks tend to be a bit more aggressive, especially if they feel threatened. In addition, they can occur in excess in traumatized, anxious and assertive dogs.

3. They are especially excitable, sociable or attention seeking : Although we do not perceive it that way, sometimes dogs bark when they are happy to see someone. If your dog is very social, barking could be his way of playing and bonding with a person or animal.

What we can do in the face of these events is to attend to your needs as far as possible. Remember that if your dog barks continuously, it does not imply bad behavior.